Yeti Tribe Nepal Post Trip Report

I look upon peaks beyond the Himalayas and they now feel less magnificence, unfairly judging their stature by comparison. As I flew back from Nepal over Southeast Asia, Alaska, British Columbia and Montana, I couldn’t help but notice that the mountains I viewed below no longer captivated my attention as they had before. My mind… Continue Reading

Three Weeks Out

Today is exactly three weeks from my flight to Nepal, and I’ll be honest, I’m pretty nervous for a few reasons. My fitness level is not where I want it to be. I’ve allowed work to control me more than I should have and when I really could I have gotten in a ride or… Continue Reading

Mayday, Flying with a Bike!

I have discovered the criminal behavior by the airline industry to over charge passengers traveling with a bicycle. For my trip to Nepal, I started shopping for the best routes to take from Atlanta, GA to Kathmandu, Nepal.  Unfortunately, the routes are not the biggest obstacle. Finding an airline that won’t steal all my money… Continue Reading


The SB5C, aptly named “Jean”, is finally finished.  Shawn and Dan at Fresh Bike Service finished her up yesterday and it looks amazing. People are calling it Orange Crush, Dreamsicle, and just damn awesome!  The various orange components actually match up very good, especially the orange stickers on the Fox 36 fork. Continue Reading


I got a good ride on Sunday, December 21st. I decided to load up my LowePro Photo AW 200 pack with my new camera gear, supplies and full water bladder to see how it felt  Well, it sucked.  The pack came in just under 20lbs. I was carrying a D750, 50mm f/1.8 and 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6… Continue Reading

Straitline and King Components

I stopped by Fresh Bike Service today to see what new parts came in and order the SRAM XX1 1×11 drive train. Had some good bike porn to lust over, shown below.                                       These Straitline AMP pedals… Continue Reading


Yet Another Training Day. Worked on my Ultimate MTB Training Program from James Wilson today. I went into the gym for this session, LA Fitness, which I loath. I needed a stationary bike to perform the bike interval training since I could not get out to the trails. The hip pain I had in previous… Continue Reading

Geminid Day Ride

The evening of December 13th and the early morning of the 14th were the best times to view the Geminid meteor shower. I took my daughter Lauren up to the Mountaintown Overlook in the Cohutta Wilderness Area where we witnesses about 25 meteors burning up as they entered Earth’s atmosphere.  I setup my camera, but… Continue Reading

SRAM Guide Brakes Bike Review

I was pleased to see Bike Magazine made SRAM’s Guide Brakes a featured pick today. They rode them for nine months and used a sample size of 15 with no failures and no bleeding required.  I decided to use these on my SB5C build after a recommendation by my friend TJ Kearns, owner of Timothy James Photography.  Using a… Continue Reading

Down Time and Hip Action

After my painful sinus headache experience, which is still ongoing without Aleve, I took Monday off.  Training resumes today with the intro phase of the Ultimate MTB Workout program. I probably won’t make it out to the trails due to meetings for work, but hopefully I will get to the gym to ride a stationary.… Continue Reading