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Yeti Tribe Nepal Post Trip Report

I look upon peaks beyond the Himalayas and they now feel less magnificence, unfairly judging their stature by comparison. As I flew back from Nepal over Southeast Asia, Alaska, British Columbia and Montana, I couldn’t help but notice that the mountains I viewed below no longer captivated my attention as they had before. My mind… Continue Reading

Three Weeks Out

Today is exactly three weeks from my flight to Nepal, and I’ll be honest, I’m pretty nervous for a few reasons. My fitness level is not where I want it to be. I’ve allowed work to control me more than I should have and when I really could I have gotten in a ride or… Continue Reading

Mayday, Flying with a Bike!

I have discovered the criminal behavior by the airline industry to over charge passengers traveling with a bicycle. For my trip to Nepal, I started shopping for the best routes to take from Atlanta, GA to Kathmandu, Nepal.  Unfortunately, the routes are not the biggest obstacle. Finding an airline that won’t steal all my money… Continue Reading