Down Time and Hip Action

After my painful sinus headache experience, which is still ongoing without Aleve, I took Monday off.  Training resumes today with the intro phase of the Ultimate MTB Workout program. I probably won’t make it out to the trails due to meetings for work, but hopefully I will get to the gym to ride a stationary.

Disclaimer– I am not a medical or physical training professional. Seek advice from the experts in your life first.

One of the exercises I’ve been doing are Turkish Get Ups, or TGUs.  I had never heard of this exercise before, and it will kick your ass. The only problem I’m having with it is sharp pain in the upper section of my Iliotibial Band, or IT Band. I’m guessing this is attributed to weak hip muscles, which of course is something I’m trying to improve on with this workout program and is essential for power in mountain biking.


Credit- Rice University Website


My wife told me she heard or read an article that foam rolling your IT Band was not a good idea.  I’ve found an article that explains why, how you can test yourself for weak hip muscles, and how to overcome it. Again, I’m not a medical or sports training professional, so consult your physician and/or trainer first.

Your IT Band is Not the Enemy (But Maybe Your Foam Roller Is)

I will be down again tomorrow, Dec 10, 2014, getting new ink.  Time for a full sleeve!  Depending on how that goes, I might be down for a few days to let the skin tissue heal correctly.

Work to live, don’t live to work.


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