Geminid Day Ride

The evening of December 13th and the early morning of the 14th were the best times to view the Geminid meteor shower. I took my daughter Lauren up to the Mountaintown Overlook in the Cohutta Wilderness Area where we witnesses about 25 meteors burning up as they entered Earth’s atmosphere.  I setup my camera, but unfortunately did not capture a meteor.  Funny how they always seem to fall outside your camera capture area. However, I did get a pretty decent shot of the Milky Way, directly over us.

_DSC0224Mountain biking, right.  I trained on my workout program yesterday, doing TGUs, farmer walks, stagger stance squats, kneeling cable pulls, and glute bridges.  Most important, I got in a ride yesterday and the weather was spectacular! I did 6.7 miles at Blanket’s Creek, not as long a ride as I would like, but I had time constraints.

  • Ride Name: 12/13/2014 Canton, GA
  • Distance: 6.69 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 819.23 ft
  • Moving Time: 00:49:37
  • Location: Canton GA

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