Uncomfortable Ride

Yesterday I rode ten miles at Blankets Creek. I started on the Mosquito Flat beginner trail for a quick warmup and then hit the Dwelling Intermediate trail. I was about two miles into Dwelling when I developed an extremely painful sinus headache behind my left eye.  It was so intense it was causing my eye… Continue Reading

Strength Training

I’ve been following the guidance of James Wilson from MTB Strength Training Systems for a couple of years, when I actually rode.  Last week, I bit the bullet and purchased his Ultimate MTB Workout program.  James provides a lot of free information, but the program puts it all together and gives you really detailed videos to… Continue Reading

A New Tale

Hello World! In this first post I’ll tell you about my Yeti SB5C custom build to get the blog jump started. I am working with Shawn Brunner, owner of Fresh Bike Service, in Roswell, GA to bring this trail bomber to life. You can read more about Shawn here to see his impressive credentials and history with Yeti Cycles.… Continue Reading